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Hello! Welcome to Therapy Talks, your family mental healthcare provider. I'm a licensed professional counselor, licensed in the state of Oklahoma and I simply enjoy JUST talking. So, come talk remotely about ANYTHING. I'm a strong believer in the power of sharing, processing and experiencing life through conversation.

I'm passionate about the healing and growth that happens through the power of talk therapy. My counseling approach emphasizes "getting healthy together", as a family unit. I have experience in working with individuals, families, and couples; as well as, group sessions on topics that assists with navigating life.

Therapy Talks is a remote counseling platform, with a unique service of offering mental health treatment to the entire family. Why remote counseling? By offering remote mental healthcare services, Therapy Talks has the opportunity to offer affordable, accessible, flexible, and quality mental health services to your family.

So, come join me on the sofa!

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Therapy Talks is a remote therapeutic platform for the family unit. I offer mental health services to the entire family: children, adolescents, and adults for a flat monthly rate; please contact me for pricing. I offer flexible & evening hours.

  • Psychotherapy

  • Positive Psychology

  • Psych-Education

  • Substance Abuse Counseling

  • Assessment and Recommendations

  • Counseling & Consultation

  • Life Coaching

  • Family Counseling

  • Crisis Counseling

  • EAP Counseling

Services & Fees

Therapy Talks offers a flat monthly rate for mental health services. The monthly pricing is determined by family size:

1 Family member = $45/ as low as $22.50 a session

2 Family members = $85/ as low as $21.25 a session

3 - 4 Family members = $150/ as low as $18.75 a session

5 - 6 Family members = $200/ as low as $16.66 a session

6 or more Family members = $30 for each additional member

  • Family members residing in assisted living or long-term care facilities can be included in these plans.

  • Each family member included in your family mental health subscription will have access to schedule two sessions @ 45 minutes per counseling session.


Monday from 4:00PM to 8:00PM at Remotely

Tuesday from 8:00AM to Noon at Remotely

Tuesday from 9:00PM to Midnight at Remotely

Wednesday from 8:00AM to Noon at Remotely

Wednesday from 10:00PM to Midnight at Remotely

Thursday from 8:00AM to Noon at Remotely

Thursday from 9:00PM to Midnight at Remotely

Friday from 5:00PM to 9:00PM at Remotely

Saturday - Closed

Sunday - Closed

  • Appointments made after 8pm are by VIA phone only, last appointment during evenings hours is 11pm.

  • If an appointment is needed outside of business hours please contact me for accommodations.


Queenie - Quantonia Amado, LPC

TherapyTalks, LLC


P: (405)355-8408 - Voicemail

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